Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[F.T] Capella - The Knolls Easter Brunch Special


Is this the most beautiful view you have ever seen for awhile now? I can stare at it the whole day, I have it on my laptop and my iPhone as default Wallpaper. That's how much I love it. You cannot imagine how excited I was when this beautiful view was present before my very eyeballs. O-O Okay sorry I side tracked..

Enjoy the Alfresco dining area, shaded and well ventilated with the natural breeze and enjoy the view of the South China Sea with special appearance by peacocks and their family walking along side. Or opt for the indoor dining option where you get pretty well lit table while surrounded by the buffet spread. There is even a Private dining room that can hold up to 10 pax, perfect for a simple family gathering? :)

The spread at The Knolls, Capella is Stunning. 5 Different types of Oysters such as Gillardeau, Pousse en Clair and Belon opened freshly on the spot, scallops, Sashimi, Sushi, Foie Gras Popsicle and a live station serving freshly made Blini. Yes, you did not read it wrong, Foie Gras Popsicle is Foie Gras coated with Dark chocolate and sprinkled with some nuts. Definitely a MUST TRY as it's such a unique combination, yet so wonderful.

They have a Cheese Trolley, Nacho Cheese Dip with cheese, Lobster Salad, Tuna Salad and Breads and Fruits and LOADS of Desserts that you would want to have a little of everything, Which you should!

Yes, keep scrolling, we are not done yet.. :) Capella is famous for their mediterranean spread of barbeque meat and Fresh seafood but my visit this time round was for their Easter Specials proudly presented to you by Excutive Chef David Nicolas Senia!

Price Tag:
Sunday Brunch with Free Flow of champagne & Wine will be priced at $228++ (No kids will be able to enjoy this, sorry) If you do not need free flow champagne & wine, then it will be $188++ per Adult and $118++ per Child between 7-12 Years Old and $78++ per Child between 4-6 Years Old, you will get to enjoy coffee, tea, soft drinks and mineral water.

Let's take a look at the Easter Brunch Specials!

At $80/kg, This fish does not disappoint! Firm texture but soft on the palette, one of my favourites.

Salt baked Chicken comes in flavours such as Olive and Tomato flavour. Each piece of chicken is tender and juicy, it is not like any other chicken I have tasted. It was fun hacking the domes of salt, I felt like Thor. 

The Knolls specially selected Milk-Fed Baby Lambs from France for their special Easter Menu. The various parts are prepared in different cooking methods, resting on a bed of couscous. You get to enjoy the ribs that fall off the bones tender or the other parts of the lamb which are all presented before your very eyes.

Easter Special Wine Selection, My personal favourite is the Moscato D'Asti.

What's wine without cheese and what is cheese without wine, you get it? The Knolls serves up quite a extensive range of cheese. I am a total cheese idiot, when presented with all these cheese, I had to ask my fellow diners on where do I begin or how do I pair them with. I enjoyed every piece of cheese that went into my mouth, Creamy or Nutty, I like them all!

Yes, I did mention that The Knolls have a rather extensive dessert menu and I am not joking. Every piece of their dessert is so beautifully crafted you would feel obliged to snap a photo or 2 before diving in. I wished I had more stomach space to try every single one of them, but non of those I tried were disappointing.

These Are Not ALL, be there yourself to enjoy it!

It is definitely a wonderful experience at The Knolls, Capella. Thank you Sarah for the invite.
Although the price tag is pretty high, But it is definitely worth the indulgence once in a while, or once a year?
But to enjoy the special Lamb, Fish and Wine/Champagne selection, remember to book yourself a seat this Easter!

The Knolls
Address: 1 The Knolls, Capella Singapore, Sentosa Island
Telephone: 6591 5046
Email: (takes reservations)
Opening Hours: 12.30pm onwards for this brunch buffet

With Love, M

Friday, April 11, 2014

Saveur - Affordable French Food at Purvis Street

So what is this "Most affordable french cuisine" place Saveur hype about? 
Do they really serve you french cuisine at pocket friendly prices?

Yes they do, But portions are small, which might make up end up ordering more for, since it's price tag is reasonable too. Not too bad a marketing strategy.
Shirley Temple - $3.00

Appetizers are pretty decent, price tag will really make you take a second look at their non-extensive menu again to confirm it. I almost had the urge to order one of each to try them out but of course I kept myself sane.

Pan Fried Foie Gras still had a little smell to it but for the price tag, it's good enough and the size is pretty worth it! The creamy lentils was a good pair with it. The ever popular Saveur Pasta is especially good to me, the amount of sakura shrimp made me really excited and the pasta is tossed with konbu seaweed and barely noticable mince meat which is almost pureed into a paste I guess?
Pan Fried Foie Gras with Lentils and Pickled Onions - 35g-$7.90/70g -$14.90
Saveur's Pasta - $3.90

The dinner partner had the Crispy pork belly with poached egg, pork belly is tender and the skin is really crispy, mixed the egg with the creamy lentils and eat it together with the pork belly for another level of satisfaction, a pity that that the pork belly came in such a small portion. I had the Duck Confit, crispy duck that fell off the bones resting on a bed of mash that was really smooth.
Crispy Pork Belly with Poached Egg and Lentils
Duck Confit

Dessert was Salted Caramel Lava Cake, I could not resist NOT ordering it! But it was nothing fantastic that I would recommend to others. It got really Gelat and the Lava did not flow from Inside the cake, Saveur's Lava came from the top of the cake, somewhat like a volcano style.

Overall experience at Saveur is pleasant and food is decent but I am not dying to go back soon, the noise level inside is pretty high which I do not enjoy while dining at all.

With Love, M