Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bellwethers - Brunching in a Bar

Nestled in a corner of Singapore’s oldest red light district, Bellwethers Bistro Bar adds a modern touch to the culturally rich enclave of Little India. Bellwethers Bistro Bar emphasizes simplicity in its design and focuses on allowing customers to bask in the edgy and unpretentious cultural heritage of the locale. 

Located just on the fringe of the city, Desker Road is a quirky and unconventional neighborhood rich in history and full of color. The appeal lies in its raw, edgy feel and the idiosyncratic characters who form the backdrop of this unique environment. 

This avant-garde neighborhood transports us out of the immaculate, pristine, constructed city that Singapore has long been both highly acclaimed and maligned for. Away from the tall skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls, Desker Road is lined with beautifully restored shop houses that exude a quaint Peranakan charm. Bellwethers’ goal is to create a quirky and offbeat watering hole away from the humdrum of Singapore’s concrete jungle and bring cool to this charming hidden gem. 

Bellwethers Bistro Bar
120 Desker Road
Singapore 209639
Tel; 6297 9066

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park MRT(NE8) / Lavender MRT(EW11)
Fish & Chip ($15)

Pancakes ($9) with Bacon ($3)

Eggs Benedict ($15)

Beef Pie ($14)

Foie gras and pickled mushrooms ($14)

Big Breakfast($18)


Hits & Miss Here. While I love The Big Breakfast and the Egg Benedict, The Foie Gras was tough and the pancakes lack the aroma to make me want to go for it again. Atmosphere is pretty good, pretty quiet area for a real relaxing brunch.

With Love, M

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fotoplay - Materializing Memories

Ever wanted to print a book of your life? Or a book of your travelogue? You do not know where to go print them or are you afraid of the quality? Do not worry, Check Out Fotoplay Today!

I made my own book of my adventures in life up till now! My 21st Birthday, My Colleagues, The awesome people I've met(too many to put into the album) and my food adventures and also my home photoshoots and my random photography clicks! I love how the book is well organized for me. I did not even have to crack my brain on how I wanted the photos to be placed or what background I wanted on the book. Fotoplay has it all settled for me! YAY to Convenience! 

20, 30, 40, even 50 years down the road, I would still keep this book with me and show it to my grandchildren how crazy my friends were, the delicious food I've eaten, my memorable 21st birthday, the beautiful places I've been to, It's all about me. 

Thank you fotoplay for this wonderful book. If you wish to get your own photobook, check out fotoplay's website or their facebook page!

With Love, M

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

XING WANG HK CAFE - Fly Me To Hong Kong!

SUPER GOOD DEAL HERE! XING WANG HONG KONG CAFE has a New Campaign, Called ‘Fly Me To Hong Kong’, YA! I KNOW RIGHT? So Direct! Together with travel agency Focal Travel, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café will be awarding 48 lucky diners and their partner, with flight tickets and accommodation to The Oriental Pearl (東方之珠) worth a total of $30,000. WAH SEH!

From 18 August to 19 October, dine in and spend $50 or more at any of the 16 Xin Wang Hong Kong Café to participate in this grand lucky draw. Each diner will be provided with a Xin Wang Passport holder comprising a registration form that is to be dropped into the grand lucky draw box located at each outlet. Three lucky winners will then be selected from each outlet, with a total of 48 lucky winners from all 16 outlets! Furthermore, all participants will be treated to a *complimentary Iced HK Milk Tea. So let's jet off to Hong Kong and "饮杯茶, 食个包!

What's more, New Items on the menu!
NEW - Crayfish 'N' Egg Bee Hoon Soup

NEW - Rainbow Gula Melaka

What do you stand to win in this wonderful campaign?

1st Prize (16 winners)
+ Two Cathay Pacific return flight tickets to Hong Kong
+ 3D2N stay at Royal Park Hotel + Two Hong Kong Disneyland 1-day passes

2nd Prize (16 winners):
+ Two Cathay Pacific return flight tickets to Hong Kong

3rd Prize (16 winners):
+ 3D2N stay at Royal Park Hotel

A TOTAL OF 48 WINNERS! Wah Piang, Need so generous anot?


All Xing Wang fans can vote for your favourite cast members from the promotional video that is featured (look below), in order to win mystery prizes from Xing Wang!! 80 Winners will be selected at Random, so quick, go vote for your favourite cast and unlock the prize!! Ask all your family members, ah gong, ah ma, Cousins, far far relatives to vote also la, so can faster unlock! Hahaha! Winners will be announced on 30th September 2014, Less than 1 month from now!!

Watch the Video Now!

With Love, M