Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sample Store Shopper's Paradise at Waterway Point

Sample Store organized a Shopper's Paradise at Waterway Point and there were alot of different vendors and alot of things to see! Take a look below at the wide variety of merchants that were there!

Yeo's juscool sparkling fruit juice range with 6 yummy fruit flavours - Orange, Passion fruit, Yuzu, Peach, Grape and Apple! You can drink them on their own or use them to make cocktails. They are available at all leading supermarkets. 

Sanitary Pads are a must have for every girl every month. Every month we face a problem of unbearable cramps and stuffy down there, not to mention the smell that might or might not get out. So, I was introduced to Padeve Pads. They are a local company selling Herbal Sanitary Pad offering 4 different types of pads: 1. Ultra Liners (18cm), 2. Ultra Day (24cm), 3. Ultra Night (29cm) 4. All Night (33cm). You can get your Free Samples here!

On the Tech aspect, Otter Box has been known to me to have the best phone casings and I am so glad that we got to try it out when I get my iPhone 7.

Also, I got a Reed Diffuser from Wild Harvest Care. It is an Australian Natural Reed Diffuser in Green Tea & Lemongrass, One of their top seller.

Also there to provide free beauty trials to everyone, Beaute Hub. Beaute Hub is an award-winning spa and skin care specialist in Singapore dedicated to customer's beauty needs and well-being enhancement.

And one of our favourite beauty portal from Taiwan - Beauty Keeper has spoilt us again with yet another bag of goodies. This time we got products from Userism, Starsuki, Bee Perfect, MD/AA Jiao and Phytopia. I can't wait to share with you guys the different products inside, I'm so excited!

Last but not least, I got another Tattoo from @Chrispy_Sim. There was a FREE hand drawn tattoo or Airbrush Tattoo for everyone who attended the Shopper's Paradise.

I had a great time at the Sample Store Shopper's Paradise and thank you to Waterway Point for the awesome location. They also have a Party Room to cater to your party needs too! Birthday Parties, Baby 1st Month Parties etc. It is located at the West Wing, next to Gelare.

Do remember to sign up with The Sample Store for more exciting events and FREE Samples! Time to get Sampling.

With Love, M

Friday, April 14, 2017

Healthy Cleansing with Nature's Glory

I'm back with another good and healthy food to share with you guys. Natural cleansing from the inside out and also something to help you after a great night out. Best of all, they are Organic!!

For digestion / neutralise hangover the next day if you are out drinking with friends on a Friday night/weekends, Nature's Glory Plum Balls would be your best option the following morning! Japanese Plum is the king of Fruits, highest in alkaline, rich in minerals , organic/essential citric acid. It neutralises 3 poisons from food, blood and water in our body and it helps to purify blood. Each Plum ball is 50x that of raw fruit with digestive enzymes from wild mountain yam.

Here's a simple mocktail for you to try at home for an organic cleanse. Mix the following (1) Aloe Vera Concentrate, (2) Manuka Honey and (3) Chia Seeds into a refreshing detoxifying drink which at the same time, gives you energy and many other benefits

Nature's Glory Organic Bioactive Manuka Honey has Total Activity 15+. You not only can use it to make a drink, you can also spread it on toast, add it to your overnight oats or cereal.  Manuka Honey is prized for its highest anti-bacterial activity among honeys. Manuka has been used for centuries, it is good for ailments including wounds, ulcer of the skin, leg and stomach.

I'm sure by now, everyone knows the benefits of chia seeds. Chia seed are so versatile, they can be added to salads, drinks or even yogurt and overnight oats to give it a nutritional boost. There is always a way for you to consume them, You should try it today!

You can check out the full range of products from Nature's Glory on their website or you can always visit their shop at 315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074.

With Love, M

Monday, March 6, 2017

Chicken Up latest outlet at Centerpoint + Giveaway!

We all know Chicken Up as the place to go for Korean Fried Chicken and Soju, especially their Watermelon Soju at the Tanjong Pagar outlet. But Chicken Up has arrived at Centerpoint too! Now you can visit for your korean food craving fix! 

Together with a few friends, we visited Chicken Up at Centerpoint for some Korean food fix. We had the Ugly Tang, a.k.a Army Stew ($30). Filled with ingredients enough to serve 2, we watch with all eagerness for the soup to boil and the ramen to cook! I LOVE the ramen which soaked up the soup base really well. Also, you can ask the staff to add in more soup for you if it is turning dry. Hehe.

We also had a really instagrammable dish, the Snow Squid Topokki ($39). This portion is huge to serve 2-3 ladies depending on your personal eating habits. Haha. The beautifully fried squid is imported from Korea and it taste really fresh. Perfectly battered squid and the squid comes in rings, so it is easier for you to eat. Do not worry as the staff will provide a table side service to help you with cutting the squid so that it is easier to eat :)

Just a little snack at the side while waiting for the other dishes to arrive, we had the Bulgogi Fries ($18). Served with slices of bulgogi beef and topped with special sauce and mayo, it is a delight to share with friends before you dig in to the main dishes later.

If you wanna have soju and don't wanna get drunk so quickly, try this Grapefruit Sojurita ($20). The sweetness of the grapfruit slushie at the bottom is so delightful that you will forget about the grapefruit soju stuck to it. Pull the bottle of soju up bit by bit to release the soju within to add the alcoholic kick to your drink and slowly enjoy it throughout your meal. No bitter taste at all from this grapefruit soju, SUPER Recommend for ladies!

If you wanna go for something non alcoholic, you can take a look at their wide range of lightbulb drinks menu. From mocktails to smoothies, I'm sure there will be something for everyone.
Here we had: Mango, Strawberry Banana, Blue Lemon, Matcha Latte ($6/each)

Last but not least, it's dessert time to end the meal off on a sweet note, I always believe in this and we had the Watermelon Bingsoo! It is filled with Milk shaved ice, topped with watermelon balls, red bean and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Cool and refreshing dessert to coll off the heat from the spicy food earlier on.

If you have been following my instagram, the 1 for 1 Bingsoo voucher giveaway has closed.

But not to worry, I have 3 X  4pcs Soya Chicken Wing Vouchers for Giveaway.

Follow these steps to qualify:

1) Follow Chicken Up on Instagram @Chickenupsg 
2) Like Michhysaurous Facebook Page
3) Comment Below who is your favourite Korean Drama & Why?

Giveaway ends on 26 March 2017.

Spread the joy, jio your friends!

With Love, M