Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bukit Timah Cafe Hop - The Missing Pan

Cafe Hopping is like a norm nowadays with everyone gathering at the newest and hippiest cafes around, even those hidden in alleys or what not. I hopped on the cafe hopping train and landed myself in Bukit Timah with some of my dear ladies for a day of Cafe hopping in Bukit Timah. We started with Assembly, and next, its The Missing Pan, check out out hashtag #bukittimahcafehop on instagram!

The Missing Pan is really packed so I definitely recommend you to make a reservation prior to visiting to avoid long waiting time. The black paint makes it stand out along the row of shophouses. Though being 2 storey high, it's pretty cramp, might be due to the fact that they have a lift within them. During my visit, many young couples and families can be spotted chilling the weekend away.

Lychee & Lemon Mint Homemade Soda $6 - Refreshing drink to quench your thirst with hint of mint and two huge lychees, definitely worth your money! 62 degree egg with smoked salmon $22 Delectable smoked salmon on toasted bread with avocado spread topped with 62 degree poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Something I would actually come back for despite the journey from my home.

The Guinness Pot Pie $24 is a first for me, Infusing Guinness within the Beef Stew, A little strong but when paired with the puff pastry, this becomes a relatively pleasant balance. 

I've heard so much about TMP's French Toast Salpicon $19 I simply had to try it! When presented with the colourful fruits (Banana, Strawberry, Dragon Fruit, Kiwi and Fried Banana Nuggets), the French toast seems like a sweet treat. But upon further probing, it reveals a chest of savoury chicken, mushroom and spinach. Definitely one of its kind in my dictionary! The Huge Portion will make you fall in love at how value for money this dish is. Oh, I'm craving for this as I type.

I'm planning to head back to The Missing Pan for their Lunch Menu which looks seriously enticing!!

619D Bukit Timah Road
6466 4377 (reservations allowed)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Tue – Sun); Closed on Mondays.

Have you been there? What is your recommendation? Share it with me! ^^

With Love, M

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beat late-night hunger pangs with CP Foods!

Who have not heard of CP? With the wide range of products in the market, like my favourite, The CP Shrimp Wonton, I'm sure everyone knows CP! And now, they  have come up with the ideal solution to battle your late-night hunger pangs, all you need is a Fork and a Microwave(and maybe a pair of scissors)!

A whopping 10 newly-launched offerings, its wide range of cold cuts promises to deliver a hat trick of convenience and good taste as you burn the midnight oil for your projects or chasing your favourite Korean dramas!
CP Foods’ cold cuts are specially packed to maintain its nutritional value and quality to accompany you through the night. The microwavable bags also help to ease your convenience in food preparation ensuring you can get back at what you are doing quick! Let's see how we can get yummy snacks done in a jiffy!

1. Select your choice of Cold cuts from your fridge, this might take some time as you can't decide which one you wanna have because they all look so good!

2. Poke (enough) holes in the microwavable bags that contain your delicious snack and Microwave it for 1-2 minutes depending on your microwave voltage and power.

3. Cut open, Poke, Enjoy!

The delicious line-up includes CP Chili Bologna, which will spice up your appetite with its potent mix of chili and black pepper. The CP Jumbo Bologna, which boasts of smooth chunks of fine quality chicken meat. Easy to prepare and delightful in taste, it is committed to satisfy your craving at any hour of the day.
No more fighting the urge to savour barbeque flavored food during the wee hours! With CP Chicken Vienna and CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter. Every juicy bite of the smooth textured sausages come with a tantalisingly smoky flavor that will lavish your taste bud, leaving you with great satisfaction.

You can also munch on the bite-sized CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail, a scrumptious sausage wrapped in smooth golden-brown skin. To relish the passionate burst of aromatic cheese upon your palate, chomp on the CP Pizza Cocktail made with quality Italian spices and cheddar cheese, or the CP Cheese Sausage that is firmly stuffed with mouth-watering cheddar cheese for that tangy kick.

Japanese cuisine also jumps into action! Made with superior pork, the CP Shoyu Sausage is smoked with beechwood, giving it a rich and aromatic fragrance. To add zing to the flavour, the CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage is seasoned with ginger and white pepper, and has a gratifying chunky texture, Please Note that this 2 sausages are non Halal. The rest are!

I find that the new CP cold cut range is super easy to whip up as a meal. I made a wrap for breakfast the other day. Microwave everything and Tadaaaaa, Breakfast!

Stocking up on these delicious snacks and other trusted CP products is an easy chore. CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail and Pizza Cocktail are sold exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets, while the remaining items are available at major supermarkets islandwide. I'm sooooo lucky I have a 7-11 near where I stay, I love the Smoked chicken cocktail and pizza cocktails!! No worries for me even if I have to do late night blogging!

Check out all the delicious Cold cuts from CP and tell me which is your favourite!

With Love, M

Friday, July 11, 2014

[F.T] Siam Society Singapore

The closest we can get to Thailand is to indulge in Thai Food, so a new thai eatery - Siam Society has popped up along Jalan Riang, replacing the space that used to be Fat Cat. I am jealous of residents staying around Jalan Riang because they have so much delicious food there such as Wimbly Lu and Cajun King!

Thai Iced Tea & Lemongrass ($3.90 ea). I can never miss out these drinks whenever I visit a Thai restaurant, be it for Mookata or for Phad thai or for Tom Yum Soup, I will never fail to order them. Siam Society's Homemade Lemongrass is fragrant and not too sweet which is great for quenching our thirst or to sooth the spiciniess when we indulge in the yummy food.

Mango Salad ($9.90) - Spicy & Sour to kick start your palate in anticipation for the dishes coming on later.
Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup (S - $10.90 / L - $16.90) Fresh seafood in the seemingly harmless clear soup that packs a punch on every sip, Shiok ah!

Siam Society has one of the best Green Curry Chicken ($12.90) I've had in Singapore so far! Creamy, Flavourful with tender pieces of chicken meat, I suspect it is chicken thigh meat lor. So good with rice!!
Salted Egg Cuttlefish($14.90) lacks the excitement that we normally have at Zi Char stalls where the cuttlefish is deep fried with a crispy batter before coating with salted egg sauce. Siam Society's version is clean and cuttlefish is fresh.

Thai Morning Glory ($8.90) - What a beautiful name for a simple dish of stir-fry veg. No fancy seasoning, just good stir fry veggies, dig in!

Yellow Curry Prawn ($17.90) - One of the dish at Siam Society that I would definitely recommend to everyone! Alongside with Weeping Tiger(Grilled Sirloin Beef) ($24.90), is among the few Signature dishes at Siam Society that everyone should try!! My table of ladies could not stop praising the Yellow Curry Prawns, and I must say the prawns are real fresh and the yellow curry is nothing near death spicy, so it's suitable for everyone, I believe even kids!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY - Steamed Seabass ($31.90) - Fresh WHOLE Seabass in the spicy and sourish sauce which excites the palate like no other! even if we had a full tummy, we would do our very best to swallow this delicious seabass anytime because it's just too good!! Prawn Cake Balls ($11.90) are like addictive popcorn chicken but with prawn and a crispy batter together with a plum dip. A little on the salty side but It is addictive when dipped in the plum sauce! Yums!

The Classic Trio of Thai Dessert, Red Ruby ($4.90), Tapioca ($4.90) & Mango Sticky Rice ($7.90). Red Ruby is made of water chestnut and topped with shaved ice and jackfruit strips, pretty good version here at Siam Society. I recently fell in love with tapioca although my all time favourite has been Mango Sticky Rice. Hmmmmm.. Can I just have them all? :)

I truly enjoyed myself at Siam Society and the ambience there is great for a group of friends to chill out and just chit chat the night away, although it's a little inconvenient, but I would say it's definitely worth a visit!

Check out Siam Society's Facebook for the latest updates & promotions!!

With Love, M