Friday, September 23, 2016

Carmen's Best Ice Cream from the Philippines is HERE IN SINGAPORE!

When you get the name of "The Best Ice Cream in Philippines", your ice cream must be damn good.
But what makes a Best Ice Cream? More Flavours? More ingredients in your pint?

At Carmen's Best, they believe in using the best ingredients and the best method to produce their ice cream. No preservatives added and all natural flavours from the best ingredients they can get.

The eye-opening tasting was held at Mariko's on Jiak Chuan street, this is also where you can get Carmen's Best Ice Cream in Singapore!

Carmen's Best - Who is Carmen?
Carmen is the daughter of Mr Paco Magsaysay, who is the owner of Carmen's Best Ice Cream. What a sweet dad, who happens to product a sweet treat! :P

Mr Paco has a dairy farm where they produce their own milk to use for their ice cream. They control what their cows eat so that they produce the specific quality of milk for their ice cream making. Plus! Their cows get to listen to classical music as well, so happy cows = good quality milk!

And with machines imported from Denmark, it ensures that there are no air inserted into the ice creams to allow customers to get the most out of their purchases. Mr Paco is very into quality and not quantity, unlike the other big brands.

First up, it's the Madagascar Vanilla.
I have not tasted any vanilla ice cream like this in years! They scraped the Madagascar Vanilla Bean to extract all the flavour to make this ice cream and I super love to see the vanilla seeds in my vanilla ice cream, so that I know that they company used real vanilla beans to make one!

Next up is Pistachio! I've always eaten pistachio gelato and hardly had any pistachio ice cream. The mouth feel of their ice cream is very creamy, but not gelat too. Best thing is that they have Whole pistachio inside the ice cream! I ate at least 4 pistachios in a cup.

I love chocolate ice cream and we got to try the Dark Chocolate flavour using the finest Swiss cocoa Powder. I always have a problem of chocolate ice cream getting too gelat(sick) after afew mouthful due to all the added sugars in other brands. However, I could finish this cup of chocolate ice cream with no gelat feeling at all.

Out of the 3, my favourite that night will have to be the Masagascar Vanilla flavour. It's super shiok and the vanilla flavour just bursts in your mouth without leaving a nasty sweet after-taste. And Carmen's Ice cream has a higher butter fat content, which makes the mouth feel really smooth.

You can get them by the pints in if you visit Philippines.
No news of them selling in retail for now. I will update everyone when they are available.
Meanwhile, just visit Mariko's first!

Carmen's Best Ice Cream

With Love, M

Friday, September 9, 2016

Look good and feel good with 7ACTIVE

Shout out to all fitness friends, I have a great place to share with you! 
It's a Indoor Cycling Class where you groove to the music while burning those nasty calories!
Introducing 7ACTIVE POP UP at AXA Towers!

The brought their bikes here for you to experience their classes instead of visiting their shop in sixth avenue. 7ACTIVE aims to bring fitness to town to allow you to work out at your convenience!

Forgot your gear? No worries, 7ACTIVE have attire for you to purchase on the spot. As well as some health foods to get you started on a healthier journey. Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash is available too. 

Psst! If you purchase their Shower pass, you get to try out the shampoo, conditioner and body wash first even before buying!

You can buy the travel sized shower products home to try too! 7Active is really considerate to customer who came unprepared. 
So you don't have to worry one la!

Face towels will be provided, but if you have your own, you can bring. The light stick is to add to the ambience at the AXA Tower Pop Up, because in their actual studio in Sixth Avenue, there are LED Lights in the studio!! Too Cool!!

What's next? Get fitted on the bike and you are ready to roll~ A red monitor is attached to every bike to allow you to track your performance.

There are many different classes and the instructor will guide you along for each class. Therefore, it will not be like how you cycle at ECP while catching Pokemons ah! Haha.

Jio your friends and come to AXA Tower for a great evening, sweat out all those stress at work, enjoy the music and the blood pumping in your body. 

7ACTIVE Pop - Up at AXA Tower
Venue: 8 Shenton Way

AXA Tower, #01-22

Singapore 068811
Get the latest update timetable for the classes here

Here's a short video on how to get to 7ACTIVE from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

With Love, M

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rose Gold Hair with Headlines by Artistry

I had a head of golden brown, just like Goldilocks HAHAHA!
I was working it with all possible fashion cordinates and it went really well surprisingly.

But then I decided that the black roots growing out would make me look like I have a Black Crown. #ohno Therefore I went to Elein of Headlines by Artistry to save me.

At first, I want to chop of some of my hair one, hair length change might be a good change also.
But Elein suggested that since I want to cut, might as well bleach them first, to try a different look. So I say, OK ! Lets go!

After bleaching, More Golden than your Gold Bar. Hahaha!

I chose the Mucota Hair Colour V-8 or V-6 I think. It's a purple-ish Pinkish tone.
Super excited when I saw it on the colour chart. Haha.

Final Results: Beautiful Rose Hair. 
It somehow reminds me of Park Shin Hye's hair colour in the drama "Doctors" . Haha. I'm a Korean Princess now~ *wave wave*

The Hair Colour looks even better under sunlight. And hor, I believe that curling your hair makes a whole lot of difference when you take photo. Haha. the hair looks so much better after being curled!

You can see that there are a little different shades of colour as my hair previously was unevenly dyed at home, lol. #baddecisionswhenyouareyoung

Chopped off some of the loooooong fringe to achieve this korean princess look.
I ownself say ownself princess can? Hehe. Some call this hair the Dip Dye, I call it the Park Shin Hye Hair Colour Style. Haha!


Quote "MICHELLE" when you call Headlines by Artistry for an appointment with Elein Chong and you will get up to 30% OFF Hair Services!

Now you can get a MUCOTA scena treatment with Hair Cut at only $108! Cheap la !!

AND also, if you are dying to try out the other Hair Treatments, there is a special First Trial price just for you! 
So call them up and book your appointment now!

Headlines By Artistry 
10 Anson Road, #03-32 
International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Tel: +65 6223 3133 
Remember to like their Facebook Page for the Latest Updates!!

Book Them on Booksy App! Save the Hassle of calling!

With Love, M