Sunday, October 4, 2015

[FT] - Sunrise Bistro & Bar

*Food Tasting*

Right by the bustling beaches of East Coast Park, There is a place laidback eatery for you to chill and relax your weekend away. Sunrise Bistro serves more than just morning meals, you can expect Bar Bites and Delicious Mains. Chef Vincent Teng experiments with all types of cooking, and he has a particular loving for Sous Vide cooking, creating tender mains and juicy grills. You can also expect Asian twists on modern European cuisine, along with pastas and pizzas galore. It's really an experience!

From the Bar, this beautiful cocktail - Pink Lady sure is as a lady's drink. All pink & bubbly, I enjoyed it! The accompanying Strawberry slices were a little tangy and slight alcoholic but very addictive!

To start the night - We've got Seafood Chowder Soup , Luncheon Chips - $8, Truffle Fries - $9 & Seared Foie Gras! I am not going to deny that the Seared Foie Gras - $19 stole the limelight. It is seared goose liver on brioche bread layered with mango. Absolute Bliss in my mouth and I would gladly enjoy another piece. The Seafood Chowder Soup - $12 is nothing like the usual chowders that we see, this one looks & taste more like a bisque. Chef Vincent wanted to make this starter light so that it prepares the stomach for more food later on!
Pictured is a tasting portion of this dish

Chef Vincent was very generous and he sliced open a Red Snapper and Fry it till crisp for the Sunrise Fish & Chips - $26! I felt that the flesh was a little on the dry side, but i love the crispiness of the skin and the mango salsa went so well together. 

The Cereal Crusted Cod Fish - $28. This dish had a very asian touch to it. It was served with seasonal vegetables braised in sesame oil and Ginger Shoyu Broth. I prefer this dish over the former and I personally love Cod fish plus the ginger shoyu broth made it taste rather homely. I love it!
Duck Confit - $28 is getting really common nowadays, but Chef vincent did his duck confit with Asian Spices! Now that's something new! Skin crispy flesh tender duck confit was really good, because the duck leg was sous vide for 8 hours, infused with asian spices. It is not like many others that I've had which were dry and unappealing.
Pictured is a tasting portion of this dish
This Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder - $26 was really tender despite it being such a big chunk! I was really looking forward to the marmite flavour but it wasn't very strong, but the meat is very tender la!

Lastly is the BBQ Beef Short Ribs - $32, it is sous vide for 24 hours so it is really Tender and it is accompanied with their Homemade BBQ sauce, It taste to me like Char Siew Sauce, I dont know why. Haha! But you see ah, the Beef rib was sous vide for 24Hours and cooked further before it was being served to us and Yet the inside is still Pink and the meat was so tender. How does Chef Vincent do it? OMG!

Then it was dessert time, Haha. Yes, After so many mains! Now this dessert is very special! Can you tell what this is? This is Chef Vincent's Tiramisu Semi Freddo - $12, yes I understand your concern as well, Where got Tiramisu like this one? Well, Chef Vincent Semi Froze the Mascarpone Cheese layered with coffee liqueur jelly sponge topped with milo crunch with tuile biscuit and garnished with brandy soaked raisins. Very special right? Haha. 

Next up is the crowd favourite which is also very instagram worthy. It is the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake - $14. Yes, the name itself already very tempting. When you are getting this dessert, please get ready your phone to take video if you want to post to your social media because it is definitely very #foodporn worthy! Haha. I love how it is not Gelat and goes well with the Vanilla Ice cream! 

Overall my experience at Sunrise Bistro & Bar was really fun and the dishes have the power to pull me back. Please visit them as well, because there is live band on weekends! It would be a great place to chill with your friends or to catch the live streaming of soccer matches courtesy of Sunrise Bistro! Haha.

Sunrise Bistro & Bar
902 Eastcoast Parkway
Playgound @ Big Splash Block B, #01-05
Tel: 6440 9090

With Love, M

Friday, October 2, 2015

Outram Cafe Hopping - The LoKal Cafe

Hey all, once again its another Cafe Hopping Adventure Series. This time I'm checking out the Outram Park Area. There are SO many cafes within walking distance from the Outram Park MRT Purple Line Exit H, if I'm not wrong. 

The LoKal
136 Neil Road, Singapore 088865
OPS: 9AM - 4PM

First stop of the day, we had to start with a great cup of coffee. I was there for the Mocha after reading it on Daniel Food Diary. I love the richness of the mixture of the Coffee and the Chocolate, with almost no acidity, I enjoyed it very much. If you are not a coffee person, go for their Hot chocolate!
Latte - $5.50 & Mocha $6.00
Hot Chocolate
A beautiful blend of Salty and Sweet - The French Toast came with Crispy Bacon, Sauteed Apples, Maple Cream and Drizzled with Maple Syrup. This hits the spot on so many levels, So fluffy and satisfying. I mean come on, its BACON on French Toast with Maple Syrup. Ok I'm done.
French Toast - $15.00

I love everything that comes with Artisan Breads! On a first look, I though the Beef Slices where not sufficient, but after diving in, Nothing else matters. Crispy & fragrant Rye Bread paired with Delicious Roasted Beef Slices, Caramelized Onions, Watercress and Grain Mustard crème fraiche. It's a delight in every mouthful when the beef slices are tender in every bite.
Roasted Beef on Rye - $17.00

For non-beef eaters, Rejoice with this Pork Sausage Burger! Yes, Where is the sausage, that's the question when I got served with this "Pork Chop" looking Burger. But that is not main point, This Burger is the real deal! Juicy Pork Paired with Grilled Pineapple, Swiss Cheese and Onion Jam. This is officially my favourite Burger in Singapore HANDS DOWN!
Pork Sausage Burger - $20.00

My Overall experience at The LoKal was a really pleasant one with nothing to disappoint me on my visit.
 I would love to visit again real soon!

With Love, M

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Michhysaurous Travelogue - Osaka & Kyoto Trip March 2015 (Part 3)

 Hey guys, I'm back with my Japan post and this post would be more of temple visiting in Kyoto & visiting the Geisha District - Gion. Didn't manage to catch many Geisha, only saw 2 and they walk really really Fast! Means those are real one! Lol! At least that's what I read online because there are people who dress up as geisha/maiko to experience it, so they are willing to take photo with you or let you take. Haha. Blogging about this makes me miss Japan again.. Check out the Visuals!

Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji, 金閣寺)
1 Kinkakujicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8361, Japan

Kyoto Boatride & Bamboo Forest

Gion (祇園)